About the symbol mark

We have created a symbol mark (website title) for the Japanese Safety Pharmacology Society.

This symbol mark represents two bridges extending from a small drop of water to a faraway place, which is the image of drug development. One is a "human" bridge that represents the image of researchers, physicians, and patients being connected through safety pharmacology studies. The other is a "science" bridge, representing the image of safety pharmacology studies contributing to the safety evaluation of drugs by connecting pharmacology, physiology, and toxicology.

In addition, the upper part of the bridge uses the motif of the Chinese character for "human" to represent the image of three humans (researchers, physicians, and patients) working hand in hand to convey the message of our mission to deliver safety to the human population.

The Japan Society of Safety Pharmacology will provide a forum for researchers interested in the techniques, evaluation methods, and clinical extrapolation involved in safety pharmacology studies to exchange information on safety pharmacology studies.

The vision of the society, "Supporting the safety evaluation of drugs from the viewpoint of pharmacology," will be realized.

November, 2011
Executive Committee
日本安全性薬理研究会 シンボルマーク

Succession and Innovation of Safety Pharmacology for Contribution to the Development of Superior Pharmaceuticals