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March 1, 2019

09:20〜 20:30  
09:20 〜 9:30 Opening Kentaro Ando, President of 10th Annual Meeting (Chiba Institute Of Science)
9:30 〜 12:00 Special Lecture
Drug development and its current trends of regulations in Asia
  1. Current Status of Preclinical Safety Assessment of Drug in China
    Jufeng Wang (President of Chinese Safety Pharmacology Society; Pharmaron)
  2. Safety Pharmacology in China
    Guocai Lu (CTI Biotechnology)
  3. The recent status of Korea's safety pharmacological regulation and development of a cardiac toxicity evaluation platform to cope with CiPA
    Kisuk Kim (Korea Institute of Toxicology)
  4. Medicine Development together with China Regulatory Reform
    Shinji Hatakeyama (Eisai)
12:15 〜 13:15 Luncheon Seminar 1
13:15 〜 13:35 Flash Talk from Exhibitors (1 -minute presentation from exhibitors)
14:30 〜 15:40 Invited Lectures
  1. Safety Pharmacology Strategies for development of small and large molecules. New modalities drive new study designs
    Michael J Engwall (Amgen)
  2. Reflecting on two decades of ICH Safety Pharmacology guidelines and preparing for 2020
    Derek Leishman (Eli Lily)
15:40 〜 16:25 Flash Talk (1-minute poster presentation)
16:40 〜 18:20 Poster Presentation Core Time
18:30 〜 20:30 Banquet Party

March 2, 2019

08:30〜 17:40  
08:30 〜 10:15 Symposium 1
Assessments and diagnoses of abnormal neuronal activity
  1. Seizure liability assessments using in vitro human iPSC-derived neurons
    Ikuro Suzuki (Tohoku Institute of Technology
  2. Investigating gene-to-behavior pathways in genetically engineered mice by using a comprehensive behavioral test battery
    Tsuyoshi Miyakawa (Fujita Health University)
  3. Epilepsy: the name you know, the story you don’t
    Nobukazu Nakasato (Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine)
10:25 〜 11:25 Workshop
Current research activities of JSPS
  1. Implementation of the SEND mandate for safety pharmacology studies
    Naoki Toritsuka (Eisai)
  2. JESICE: Challenges in evaluation of the central nervous system on safety pharmacology study
    Yoshiki Deguchi (Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories)
  3. iSmart report: The useful in silico activities for drug-induced arrhythmogenic risk prediction
    Takashi Yoshinaga (Eisai)
11:35 〜 12:35 Luncheon Seminar 2
13:00 〜 14:00 Poster Presentation Core Time
14:20 〜 16:05 Symposium 2
Onco-cardiology : Cardiovascular toxicity of anticancer drugs and its predictive methods
  1. The Toxicity of Anticancer drugs on Cardiovascular system
    Atsuhiko Naito (Toho University Graduate School of Medicine)
  2. Mechanisms underlying chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity
    Hiroshi Akazawa (Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo)
  3. Cardio-Oncology for Cancer Treatment-Related Cardiovascular Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities in an Emerging Multidisciplinary Research Field
    Kazuhito Sase (Clinical Pharmacology, Graduate School of Medicine, Juntendo University)
16:20 〜 17:20 Safety Pharmacology Q&A session
17:20 〜 17:40 Closing
  • JSPS Award Ceremony
    Kentarro Ando (Selection Chairman, Chiba Institute of Science)
  • The lottery draws: Stamp Rally
  • Closing Remarks
    Tomoharu Osada (President of 11th Annual Meeting, LSI Medience Corporation )

Open Lecture February 28, 2019

17:50 〜 19:30  
17:50 Opening
18:00 〜 19:30 Ohta ward Open Lecture
"The Alzheimer's disease as a familiar issue to you"
  1. "Overcoming Alzheimer's"
    Tomoaki Shirao, Ph.D., Professor, Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
  2. "If someone in your family is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. -- Considering how to support in the family"
    Hidemi Fujino, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Geriatric Nursing, Toho University

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